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VA Benefits

Can You Receive SSDI Benefits and VA Benefits?

If you are receiving VA benefits but can’t work, then you may be wondering can you receive SSDI benefits and VA benefits at the same time? Tabak Law can help you navigate how the two programs can work together. If you need a more in-depth consultation, consider reaching out to us for a case review…. Read more

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VA Ratings

Can the VA Lower Your Compensation?

Whether you are already getting benefits from Veterans Affairs or if you are considering applying but want to understand the full financial implications, it’s entirely understandable to ask questions, perhaps even a lot of questions. One question that comes up often during consultations at Tabak Law is can the VA lower your compensation. Many people,… Read more

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VA Ratings

Can You Appeal Your VA Disability Rating?

You’ve gone through all the work to file your VA disability claim, and you even received approval, but perhaps the rating you received is lower than you believe it should be. Can you appeal your VA disability rating? You can, and perhaps you should if you feel the rating you received is inadequate or incorrect…. Read more

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