If you are receiving VA benefits but can’t work, then you may be wondering can you receive SSDI benefits and VA benefits at the same time? Tabak Law can help you navigate how the two programs can work together. If you need a more in-depth consultation, consider reaching out to us for a case review.

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Do VA Benefits Disqualify You From SSDI Benefits?

Both Veterans Association benefits and Social Security Disability Insurance are not needs-based programs. This means getting one doesn’t disqualify you from the other. However, the same cannot be said for Supplemental Security Income or for VA pensions.

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Requirements for Getting SSDI Benefits While on VA Benefits

The SSDI or Social Security Disability Insurance program has a few requirements that you must meet before you can qualify, and those qualifications do not change if you are already receiving VA benefits. Here are the things you have to keep in mind:

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  • Work History—SSDI is a program designed for people who can no longer work. This also means that you have to have a work history in order to qualify. Typically, this is based on your previous 10 years and to be eligible you will have had to have worked full-time for at least 5 of those years.
  • Current Work Ability—In most cases, you will get denied if you are currently working. Additionally, qualification requires that the SSA doesn’t expect your disability to improve for at least 12 months.
  • Qualifying Disability—Lastly, you will have to have a qualifying disability. The list of qualifying disabilities is incredibly long, but it is different than what qualifies for the VA. Just because you qualify for one program doesn’t mean you will qualify for the other.

Will Receiving VA Benefits Reduce SSDI Benefits?

Your SSDI benefits are always the same and you either get them or you don’t. Unlike VA benefits, which are based on a percentage of disability, SSDI benefits are based entirely on the wages you earned while working.

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One thing you may be wondering is if being in the military counts as working in the eyes of the Social Security Administration for SSDI eligibility. The SSA does include military income when calculating benefits and determining eligibility.

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