You’ve gone through all the work to file your VA disability claim, and you even received approval, but perhaps the rating you received is lower than you believe it should be. Can you appeal your VA disability rating? You can, and perhaps you should if you feel the rating you received is inadequate or incorrect.

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How to Change Your VA Disability Rating

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Both an appeal of denial and an appeal of your disability rating work the same way. You will receive a determination letter. After you receive this letter, you have one year from that date to appeal the decision. This appeal can include an appeal of the rating that you received.

To file an appeal, you need to fill out a Notice of Disagreement which is Form 21-0958. If you need assistance with any part of this process in Wisconsin, then consider contacting Tabak Law.

Top Reasons Why a Veterans Claim Gets Denied by the VA

Can You Change Your VA Disability Rating After Your Appeal Window?

Conditions can worsen over time with symptoms making life and work harder. If you receive medical evidence that your condition has worsened, then perhaps your disability rating should be increased as a result.

These claims can be complicated, so it is best to work within your initial appeal if you feel that your rating was initially incorrect. When attempting to change your claim, you should start by reaching out to your VSO. If you proceed, you will have to fill out a 526EZ and support it with your additional medical evidence.

Can the VA Request a Re-Examination?

Unless you were deemed permanently or totally disabled, the VA may request a re-examination at any time. As a warning, this is often a precursor to a reduction in benefits perhaps due to new medical evidence. Do not ignore this request. If you do not attend or at least reschedule this appointment, your benefits can be reduced or even terminated. 

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